Gus Van der Walt

Cape Town Photographer

For me, it’s about photographing humans and their story.

Photography for me is an opportunity to tell stories, capture a moment in time and to share this with the world. This is why my focus genres are portrait and street photography.

These genres allow me to tell stories, human stories, that are real and authentic.

I am based in Cape Town, South Africa where I get to play in some of the best streets and natural settings.

My favourite genres of Photography

Cape Town Street Photography

Street Photography

Portrait Photography Cape Town

Portrait Photography

Cape Town Street Photography

City & Landscape Photography

I couldn’t decide what genre of photography excites me most to focus on it solely. Then I realized it’s not so much the genre that excites me. It’s the subject. People. Humans.

This is why I’ve focused on streets and portraiture. I get to photograph what I am passionate about most.

I know what you thinking, what about landscapes? Well, I need a break and a way to test my creativity. It is also why I have these projects.

My Favourite Street Photos

The Photography Blog

My photography blog aims to highlight my learnings and experiences on my journey to becoming a top photographer in Cape Town. I want to take you on my journey and this is best way I know how.

My photography goals

Up until recently I haven’t really paid much attention to who I am as a photographer or what I want to achieve. I didn’t even really care about the marketing side of it or where I wanted to be as [...]

The way light falls

  Lately I have had a mild obsession with shadows and light. I just love how the two contrast each other to make rather interesting images. This photo for example, is one of my favourites. [...]


  I love framing with my photos. It is probably one of my favourite things to do when I am out taking photos. Wasn’t something that I used to do but I did a challenge a while, last [...]

A Reflection

  More often than not, we ignore those who work to keep our streets clean. We just walk by not seeing these people. That is why I wanted to capture this photo. The gentleman was walking down [...]

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