What SEO Needs to Be!

Over the years that I have been in SEO I have seen so many changes. Both in how people perceive SEO and how SEO is done. To be honest, it has been a whirlwind few years because it is has changed far too often. It is almost where I don’t want to say that I do SEO because of the backlash that comes with.

What SEO isn’t

Remember all those articles that claim that SEO is dead. Search Engine Optimization has been dead, apparently, for the last 5 years and it is still dying according to the mass market and developers and marketers alike.

Guess what, Search Engine Optimization is not dead. In fact it will never ever ever be dead. Want to know why? Well, Search Engines are not dead. It is really that simple. If you break down what SEO is, it is the attempt at getting content found. Essentially it is supposed to help Search Engines better index content based on searches.

Now, I know what you are thinking, but people game the system. Of course they do. Humans are greedy and want to take every opportunity, shortcut or any means required to get their stuff seen and what ever else. That isn’t SEO that is human nature. We ALL do it.

It is sad really but, like everything else, people do try to trick the system by creating shortcuts like crappy over optimized content, weird backlinks and a variety of other tactics. You also get people who sell rainbows but this doesn’t happen either. It does give those in the space a really bad name.

What SEO Needs to be

Right, finally the point of this whole article, SEO needs to be a tactic that is deployed to help users navigate in the messy noisy world of online. This should not be limited to a website per say.

I say this because we don’t only search for websites. We search for accounts, we search for products and apps and so much more. Again, SEO stands for SEARCH ENGINE Optimization which in that, means, optimizing the process in which people find the best suited content for their needs.

It needs to be a guide, an ethical guide, that makes the lives of users so much better. Yes it doesn’t happen, I can admit that. But it needs to. People need to trust the service they use and as an SEO your duty is to help them trust by optimizing the search engine for people.

It needs to be a tactic in a grander strategy. It is not a standalone thing that make all dreams come true. Essentially without a purpose it can never work as effectively. This is where a strategy comes into affect. It’s the grand master plan and SEO is just one way of making that master plan a reality.

SEO also needs to be a series of test and studies. A Playground for those misfits who love to come up with ideas and thoughts to test on websites and see what happens. It’s a learning curve that essentially never ends. There are rules and basics do’s and don’ts but, that aside, it is an opportunity to test the world and make some amazing things happen. As they say, you never know until you try.

Lastly, SEO needs to stop being dead. I am getting tired of this dam annoying topic that people keep throwing around. Maybe it is just a fear of the unknown or because you have a bad taste in your mouth because of a person claiming to be great at it. But, learn about, do it and play with it. You will be surprised at how awesome it really can be when it is taking out of the proverbial box that it currently resides in.

Those are my thoughts and opinions. Most of you are going to try and critic this and wreck every point I have said and by all means, please do. I still stand by what I say until I am completely and utterly convinced that my escape doesn’t exist anymore.

Ok I am done now.

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