Thursday 15 December 2016

Most of us in South Africa are starting to wind down and close up for the year. Lucky you guys. I decided that I needed to stay until the end of the working year for what reason I don’t know but hey let’s see what the last two or so days have in store. Any ways getting back to today which was interesting for me.

Obviously we are in go slow mode but again there was a valuable lesson that was lesson much like yesterday. We had a meeting with management. The meeting was all of 15 minutes but the impact was massive.

The bottom line of the meeting was take a holiday. Assess your lives and come back refreshed. Or don’t come back. In essence it was Shape up or ship out for everyone in the agency.

I completely agree with it. 2016 was a tough year for a lot of people and some more than others but we can’t lower our standards because of the tough times. In the service industries no client cares about your dramas to be honest. Nor do you care about telkom or MTN’s dramas when they do not deliver on what they should.

My digital mentor is Gary Vee, who literally hustles 24/7/365 (follow him here). Because of the content and advice that Gary puts out I got the point of this meeting today. Yes no one wants to have these meetings especially 10 days before Christmas. It sort of takes the jingle out the jangle but it is their business and they are obviously want to come back and own 2017. To make it a success. To do that he needs a team that is ready to go to the next level with him.

So, for all those about to go on holiday, take the time to evaluate what you want for 2017. Reflect on 2016 and decide if you are going to shape up or ship out on your current positions or aspects of your life. Don’t waste time.

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