Sunday 18 December 2016

Sunday started off really nicely. A lovely breakfast at Eden on the Bay which was exactly what I needed after the weekend. Things then progressed to Christmas shopping at Century City.

Well ya, the mall was packed as expected which again was my own fault for practically leaving it the t last moments before Christmas. But don’t we seem to do that? Procrastinate.

We still have time 2 months before. There is no reason to stress. A month later we still believe that we have time. 3 weeks still no shopping done.

Now we have to fight through the crowds and people just stopping in front of you for no apparent reason but just annoy you it seems. Your shopping experience is now a wreck and you leave angry and still not done because you need to get out of there.

Well, this should be a lesson right? Never leave Christmas shopping to the last moment. Yes done.

No yet. The general lesson would be never leave anything to last moment. Do it when you have planned to do the task.

The reason I say this is because when you leave things to the last moment you generally stress about it for longer periods. You end up applying pressure on yourself over and above the usual amounts required to do the task.

You end destroying any gratification or self worth from it because you aren’t happy or satisfied when you are complete with doing the task. So simply, stop procrastinating purely from the angle of happiness.

Plan to do it a while before the deadline and you will end up feeling a lot more satisfied as well as having that sense of accomplishment.

Hope your weekend was a good one.

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