Sunday 18 December 2016

Sunday started off really nicely. A lovely breakfast at Eden on the Bay which was exactly what I needed after the weekend. Things then progressed to Christmas shopping at Century City.

Well ya, the mall was packed as expected which again was my own fault for practically leaving it the t last moments before Christmas. But don’t we seem to do that? Procrastinate.

We still have time 2 months before. There is no reason to stress. A month later we still believe that we have time. 3 weeks still no shopping done. read more

Saturday 17 December 2016

So I missed my post for yesterday but there wasn’t much to really say. I know ironic right. The guy who can talk the Hind leg off of a donkey had nothing to say. Well to be honest, I spent the day with my family. Regrouping and taking the time to listen and be with them. I think it was needed to be honest.

Any ways back to today. It was beautiful. Went to my fiancé’s cousins wedding and it was lovely.

Set in the beautiful Cavali estate out in stellenbosch, it was set to be a magnificent day. We got all dressed up and ready for night out if celebrations and excitement. read more

Let’s Reflect instead of plan new years resolutions 

It’s the final count down to 2016 and I gather or assume that the vast majority of you are planning 2017 by coming up with the annual new years resolutions.


Forget the 2017 resolutions especially if they are the generics like quit smoking, lose weight and all that other stuff. It’s pointless because if you were going to stick to it, you wouldn’t be making the same resolutions for 2017 that you’ve had for the last 3 years.

My thoughts behind it is why wait. If you want to quit smoking do it now. Why wait for next year? If you want to lose weight start today. It’s pretty pointless to wait for a new year or new week or the next Monday. Just do it already. read more

Thursday 15 December 2016

Most of us in South Africa are starting to wind down and close up for the year. Lucky you guys. I decided that I needed to stay until the end of the working year for what reason I don’t know but hey let’s see what the last two or so days have in store. Any ways getting back to today which was interesting for me.

Obviously we are in go slow mode but again there was a valuable lesson that was lesson much like yesterday. We had a meeting with management. The meeting was all of 15 minutes but the impact was massive. read more

Video Content is super important and easy

This morning I wrote an article all about my predictions for 2017 and where I think things are going in the marketing realm. I briefly touched on the video form of content and I must say that video as a form of content or marketing is going to become the center of our efforts in the coming years. Yeah it may seem daunting to all of us but I think it is really awesome.

You see, the way we as humans operate now is at a blistering pace and almost primarily online. We run around with our smart phones, watches and what ever other tech goodie we have attached to us all the time consuming copious amounts of content. This content at the moment is generally on social networks or our favorite Youtube Channel. The one change that is noted is that we prefer to consume content as quickly as possible with human interaction which is where video becomes super powerful. read more

My 2017 marketing Predictions

As 2016 draws to an end it’s time to predict what us marketers think needs to be focused on in the new year. I hope it’s 2017 and not 2016 S which could be a bit of a problem hahaha. But let’s have a look at what I think will be the thinks that matter for the new year. 

Traditionally nothing changes

Exactly has the heading states in terms of the traditional need for marketing services such as SEO nothing is going to change. Companies will still utilise the tools or channels like they have being doing for some time which is great.  read more

Wednesday 14 December 2016

Today started off as a great day. One that I thought would top off this dreadful 2016. I mean I have not heard of anyone who has had a great one. But back to today. I was complimented and told all sorts of wonderfully amazing things that got me all excited.

I thought I was about to get to third base but, I didn’t even make it to second base. There were two many other factors that would have just gotten really complicated if we had gone to third base. But I get it. I mean I can’t go crying in the corner. read more

Dealing With Negative Feedback

Monday mornings are always great for me. I get to work really early so that I can spend the first two hours of the day reading blog posts and catching up on the news extra and today, being Monday, was no different except I found a really cool infographic about how to deal with negative feedback.

To most this may seem a bit weird or irrelevant but to me this was something I needed to see. I have been struggling to cope the negative criticisms this year and so I found the post extremely relevant to me and my personal struggles. read more

I am so bored of SEO. Here’s why

Marketing Articles

Back in the day I used to be crazy about SEO. It grabbed me and challenged me to know end. I remember when I first started in the game a few years back. It was awesome to learn all the tricks of the trade reading through SEOMoz and hubspot etc. But things have changed.

At my first marketing job I was so passionate to become a great SEO guy. I built my own site or blog on a silly URL called I was a newb. I didn’t know about domain names and the like. Anyways, I was determined to outrank my bosses website and I did what ever it took to do that. But fast forward a few years later and I am bored of SEO. read more