Here I am…

A marketer and writer

hello there

I am a Cape Town based father, writer and all round marketer. I have a passion for words and affecting change. This site is about my experiences. 




photos I’ve taken

As much as I love expressing my feelings through words, I love to capture moments through photography. Have a look at these below. Scroll down a bit more and you will find some more of my photos. 


poetry is my escape

I love seeing words fall into place to form an expression of a moment or place in time. It became my escape but also a way to describe emotions and what I saw. Have a read by clicking below.

My content

The Ocean

lying in the sand with the gentle cold ocean kissing her toes wetting her small feet as the sun warms her elegant skin her eyes glistening the sound of birds chirping fulling the silence her [...]


Staring into my past I dwell accidentally onto you How I loved you I shall never know for I gave you my heart my soul my love yet in return you gave me cyanide to kill my emotions you lured me in [...]

Effort of Patience

Recently I decided that I needed to take the plunge and get my work out there. By my work, I mean my poetry and photography that has been consuming my inner hobbyist for the longest time. I have [...]


In this deceptive world lies death, a darkened thought of misery, betrayel and pain yet we dig deeper in the hopes in false anticipation to find what we long to cherish walking through this life [...]

A Cassetted Memory

Laying silently in her room, the breeze swirling around her empty space. Her mind wandering to that time. That time when she held his hand, running through the open field. the birds chirping, as [...]

Self Doubt

What is wrong? what is wrong with me? why can’t I? What do I lack? Am I less? I wander these As I lay cold and alone in the darkness Why? The Doubt The anger The Rage Why? Please tell me Why What [...]

Fearfully Excited

Standing here fearfully excited I want to venture out on this journey a trip though the valley over mountains under bridges I want take this journey with you i want it to start to build to [...]