Small Spaces

Stuck in the dark

Unable to move

Haunted by my thoughts

The walls closing in

Chasing me

Hunting me down

Without moving

Losing my breath



I can’t escape

I can’t breath


Help me

This small space

Chocking me

Sucking out life

As I fear the darkness

No light

No help


Closing in

Eyes open or shut

No difference

It’s dark in here


Empty but full

Full of darkness

I can’t get out

I can’t move

Please help me

Get me out

Get me out of here

The silent screams

Grabbing hold of me read more

Will AMP boost my SEO Efforts

Mobile Page Speed AMP

As an SEO person by heart I am always looking at how I can push my clients further ahead. I search high and low to try and find the best possible tactics to help them. Now, before I continue, I believe that SEO now is all about experiences and not engines.

Right that’s out of the way. Moving back to finding tactics I want to talk about the impact that Accelerated Mobile pages may have on SEO tactics. It is currently becoming the talking of the town.

Will AMP help my SEO?
Can I use it for Better rankings?
Google will love me if I use AMP! read more

AMP, When Do I Use It? Here’s My Thoughts

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Over the last week I have found myself completely submersed in the world of AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages if you didn’t already know. It got me thinking quite a bit because it is a complicated system and the implementation can be rather rough.

Yes I have only been playing with it from a WordPress perspective, largely on this site to the say the least, but it did get me thinking about when is AMP the answer. Simply because of the amount of work required, the limitations and general lack of knowledge around it. read more

I’ve Created A New Website Section

Mobile Page Speed AMP

Over past few days I have found myself neck deep in a new piece of the internet. I thought that seeing as I am so involved in figuring it out and deploy it in every single way humanely possible, that I would share my experiences and thoughts in a new section of my site. This section is dedicated to it and only it.

So Gus what is it?

My new and latest digital obsession is AMP better known as Accelerated Mobile Pages. A part from being my latest obsession it is also Google’s too. As you would have seen in this post about Google forcing it, it is definitely become a major obsession in the online space and I must admit I am super stoked. read more

Google needed to force AMP. Here is why

Accelerated Mobile Pages article image

In digital marketing, us marketers are forced to constantly stay as far ahead of the curve as possible. I mean the internet moves at a pace that my poor brain just can’t follow in some instances. Take that a step further and introduce the modern SEO who is bound to the rules and ransom demands of Search Engines such as Google or Bing. It’s chaos.

But, I love it when when we as marketers push for a new tactic and we push and push just to be told no this is far too new and just won’t take off yet. This won’t be big they said. Clearly, they don’t get how fast the web moves or how Google controls the web. read more

My new challenges (again)

Remember that article that I wrote some time back about the dire need for challenges? Well I’m back with a new challenge, well challenges. You see I need to have some form challenges in my life but more importantly I need to escape the crazy work world and dive into a world of something different.

Challenge 1:

The first challenge is to read a book in a day. 1 book in a day. Yeah it seems rough but I recently did that. I read this book in a day. And I was stoked that I did it. Ok luckily it was really good book. read more

Link Building – A Brief History

The topic of link building make most modern SEOs cringe with anxiety and pain because of the overwhelming fear that if you build a link you run the risk of getting penalized. Well, that is the stigma behind link building currently. It’s almost a no go even though the “experts” say that link building still matters.

I thought that I would break down the history of link building so that we can see where it has come from and then maybe I will give some suggestions in the next article on how to link build today. Let’s get into it. read more

Let Me Explain The Silence

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been all that active with my photography on Instagram or my motivational posts on my other account there either. Well I have to be honest, to a large degree it’s because I haven’t really felt the inspiration or drive to actually do much.

I think in part it may have to do with the fact that I killed my vlog. It may seem trivial but the vlog did two things, it drove me every single day to create content and I was constantly proud when I was able to get something up daily. I was also learning all the time. read more

My New Job

As most of you would know by either my LinkedIn profile or YouTube channel that I have started a new job. As I mentioned here on Sunday, I was pretty nervous. Most people are on their first days because it is a new company with new ways of doing things and you aren’t settled in like you were previously.

How has it been?

Well, it’s been a mixture of scary, exciting and everything else in between. That said I think it was one of the best choices I have ever made. The company is, thus far, amazing. The people that work there made me feel at home already and some of welcomings I got was beyond exciting. read more

A Slight Nervousness 

Tomorrow I start my new job and to be honest I am rather nervous. It’s something that I have been looking forward to for the last 2 months and it is finally here. But I am scared.

Why scared?

Well, the simplest way to explain it is to compare the feeling to school. Remember when you were in primary school and made it to grade 7? You were the boss of the playground. Yes you had to teachers who were the boss (management) but you were comfortable.

You worked yourself to top level of the playground, had a close knit group of friends and you got with the other people and the teachers. It has bliss. But you were excited about high school and the adventures that it would bring you. I know I was excited. read more