My New Job

As most of you would know by either my LinkedIn profile or YouTube channel that I have started a new job. As I mentioned here on Sunday, I was pretty nervous. Most people are on their first days because it is a new company with new ways of doing things and you aren’t settled in like you were previously.

How has it been?

Well, it’s been a mixture of scary, exciting and everything else in between. That said I think it was one of the best choices I have ever made. The company is, thus far, amazing. The people that work there made me feel at home already and some of welcomings I got was beyond exciting.

It made the transition so much better because they didn’t treat me like the “new guy” and avoid speaking to me. I don’t think anyone ignored me. They joked about me shaving my beard and the like. It almost feels like I have been there for a while. I didn’t feel like a newbie.

Favorite moments?

Well, on day 2 I was on a call with a client, I had to prove that I wasn’t a bot. Yes it put me on the spot while already nervous but it broke the ice in a cool way. That would have to be the top moment for me.

Then, I’d say, the fact that I am in the work trenches already. Most new companies that we go to the first day or week is boring and dull. Not here. It was hit the ground literally the moment I walked in.

My machine was waiting, my clients were waiting and I knew what I had to do from an admin perspective. It was simply awesome.

In closing

This has probably been one of the best, most exciting first few days at a company I’ve experienced and seriously looking forward to the adventure that awaits me if I am worthy of the place.

Right, I need to go prove myself. Until next time.


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