My 2017 marketing Predictions

As 2016 draws to an end it’s time to predict what us marketers think needs to be focused on in the new year. I hope it’s 2017 and not 2016 S which could be a bit of a problem hahaha. But let’s have a look at what I think will be the thinks that matter for the new year. 

Traditionally nothing changes

Exactly has the heading states in terms of the traditional need for marketing services such as SEO nothing is going to change. Companies will still utilise the tools or channels like they have being doing for some time which is great. 

But what does need to be looked at is where we do SEO or PPC or content marketing. This changes drastically each year with the introduction of new social platforms or updates to them as well as the introduction to new digital technologies. 

Website mindset shift 

The traditional sense of a website being the center of it all needs to be reassessed because companies don’t need to rely solely in their websites anymore. There are enough online platforms that allow companies to market themselves without the need of website.

I take Gary Vee as a prime example. This guy owns Vaynermedia and is rather influential in the marketing game but if you look at how he markets himself and his brands we don’t dive into his website. Well I can’t remember the last time I went there. I get all my information from YouTube, Instagram, Medium and LinkedIn. 

Yes, the efforts are generally about Gary Vee but remember he is a business. He is his own business and he is rather successful at his marketing too. Why are businesses not doing the same. 

I see the reliance on physical websites shifting in 2017 and beyond. 


In terms of SEO, I don’t see much changing unless the different Search Engines throw a massive curve ball in the form of updates and the like. 

I do think that in 2017 we will see that search will evolve to new platforms and the requirements from businesses to be found there will emerge. SEO needs to move past the typical Google or Bing and become more than that by looking at social networks and content sites. Essentially optimizing our clients to get found where ever. 

That is going to be the focus point for SEO.


One change that I feel is going to be massive is the content changes.  2016 saw the epic rise if visual or interactive content rise dramatically and I don’t think that is going to change anytime soon. I love it though.

Virtual Reality has really added an awesome opportunity where we as marketers can focus on giving people near really experiences. We put them in the store or at the concert virtually. 

They can nearly touch the products or experience your services right away which is incredible.

360 degree imagery and video is a powerful asset to any company which relates to VR.  It’s interactive content that we get to engage with and create another unique experience.

All in all I think content needs to focus on experiences and not rely on massive text post like this one for example. Videos are becoming more and more important. 

Content is going through some amazing changes which is amazing.

Live content

With apps like instagram, snapchat, periscope and host of others we can now stream live which is really awesome. We can have a live audience at any given time without blowing budgets out of the waters.

Yes a lot of these live streams do not have a long life span but we can obviously work around it by having a colleague filming it on their phone. Yes their phones. The lenses and camera qualities are incredible. 

This form of content makes marketing almost human and not a sales pitch which invokes loyalty and trust. We need to create that real experience to develop trust and loyalty.  

2017 looks to be a really great year if we are innovative and not relying on the traditional manner of marketing or SEO. I think in closing our focus needs to be on innovation instead of massive budgets.  

I hope that all of you who have read this have a great year end but also a great marketing 2017. 

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