Marketing Buzz Words Are Driving Me Crazy

There seems to be this trend of buzz words that appear, disappear and then come around again in marketing. It drives me mad to be honest because it’s wrong.

Millenials, generation z and what ever else

I mean doesn’t it bother my fellow marketers that we are boxing people into groups because of their age or when they started using Smart devices? I’m sure it does and if it doesn’t it’s probably because you don’t have the time or you like the boxing of people.

Ok, let’s be fair, it’s not just the human buzz words but the big data ones or programmatic ones too that drive me mad. It’s like we forgot how to do things and now we just need to come up with something new and shiney to play with in our worlds.

Marketing is marketing. It’s the use of clever little tricks to get people to become brand loyal and then buy from you. Simple right? Then why do we need all these buzz words that don’t really have a major bearing in what we as marketers do.

People are humans with feelings. My grandmother who is nearing 70 is a techy granny and my sister who is 20 odd hates tech. So how should they be boxed?

As humans or potential customers of what ever we are trying to promote. We don’t need buzz words to box people in by a category.

We simple need to create cool content with a point or purpose and people will come. We like emotional heart wrenching content but we also love the clever and witty ones too.

Essentially we need to think like people, think like humans and produce human worthy marketing products that we would find appealing. We need to forget the buzzwords and the boxes and deliver a campaign that is relevant to human moments.

I am not going to make another buzzword or try to because that would be wrong. I just want us to be a little more relevant and correct in marketing.

Rant over

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