All I see is
What you allow
Me too see
For you hide
Behind the lies
False perceptions
Of painted images
And fake facades
Aimed at broadcasting
Your propaganda
I want to see more
Beyond these lies
Beyond this hatred
Yet my mind
Is scorched
Tortured into believing
Your lies
I hunt
I search
For more
For the truth behind
Your lies
It’s just other lies
Their lies
Where has the
Truth gone
Imprisoned by
Power and greed
Has history
Taught us nothing
Hiding the truth
Leads to war
Deceiving us
Will only break you
All I see
Is all im allowed
To see
Even though you claim
I am free
I am not free
But tied down
By your lies
Deciept and betrayal
You claim to be
Fair and honest
Yet you lie openly so
So media and news
I do not trust
Your propaganda
And lies
For what I see
Is the lies you


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