Let Me Explain The Silence

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been all that active with my photography on Instagram or my motivational posts on my other account there either. Well I have to be honest, to a large degree it’s because I haven’t really felt the inspiration or drive to actually do much.

I think in part it may have to do with the fact that I killed my vlog. It may seem trivial but the vlog did two things, it drove me every single day to create content and I was constantly proud when I was able to get something up daily. I was also learning all the time.

But, that is not the only reason. There are more reasons as to why my all round passions including this blog and the other one have slipped to the way side. I thought, while laying in bed today, that I would break them all down for you. I hope that you take the time to read it and maybe can relate to some extent.

The first reason, well the one I want to start with, is that I took to much on at once. Something I have become rather guilty of over the last few years. Let me explain, when I started vlogging every single day I had this blog. I had then started another blog and then my Instagram channels which as you would know is a rather difficult to do all at once. It may have led me to being overwhelmed because I then challenged myself to create content for the five platforms I wanted to get going. Rough right….?

The second reason and probably one I don’t actually want to accept. It’s the pride part of the whole story. I felt I was failing because I wasn’t getting the views, the likes or shares I hoped I’d get. Essentially I felt I was failing daily. The side curse of try to do it all every single dam day.

I now see why it was a bad idea to take on too much and then to try publish everything daily.

The third reason would be quality. Because I had been so hell bent on trying to get stuff up daily I lost site of what it means valuable content that people would actually want to engage with. Essentially by forcing myself to publish something every single day I lost sight actual goal I initially started off with; to produce quality content that matters.

Obviously I am now starting to see that quality over quantity is more vital than ever in today’s digital age. There is so much content that is being put up online that in order to stand out you have to have something that is great. Clearly spreading myself as thin as I was, was not helping me reach that quality threshold.

That leads on to the next point, I was not focused on any one thing. My daily routine consisted of recording, trying to take photos, trying to write content and then trying to make image quotes. Usually that would be Normal but I was editing everything and just not actually taking the time to focus on any one content platform that I had created for myself. Essentially it was rushed unfocused bullshit that I can’t expect you or anyone else to follow.

Think about this blog, where is the structure to it? What am I actually focusing on in terms of content topics?

Exactly you don’t know. That was how I’ve been feeling with all the content items or platforms that I own. So I had to come up with a plan or solution to sort this chaotic crap out.

So what is the plan Stan?

The plan is simple. For the time being I am going to focus on my two blogs for a while. This doesn’t mean that my other platforms are going to be neglected but they aren’t going to be the focus of the content I create.

My two blogs needed to be looked at, sorted out and published to so that I can get into a routine. That is what my focus is going to be on over the next while. I thought that putting my attention on to something I hold valuable.

I am going to be working towards a goal of finding my focus in terms of the content that I produce on my blogs and eventually my vlog. I will be resurrecting that in due time but I want to get a solid habit and content calendar together. A routine if you will.

The other goal, is the fact that I want to get a camera for my photography. I can decent photos I think but I want to take it beyond just my phone. I will write another post on that too next so that I drag on.

But that is why I have sort of slowed down in my antics online. I want to deliver proper focused work that most of you can enjoy and read in your spare time.

I hope you all had a wonderful read. If you did comment or share if you can relate with any aspects of your lives.


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