About Gus van der Walt

One of the things that I have struggled with is writing content about who I am. It’s largely because am bit nervous about describing myself. I always have and to be honest, it is a little annoying because it is important in terms of establishing a brand isn’t it? Well i thought I would give it a go and create a longer form page for you.

Who Is Gus Van Der Walt

Gus van der WaltI am a marketing specialist based in the beautiful Mother City, Cape Town, South Africa. I have spent my last fews focusing on SEO, Experience Optimization and Data Analysis.

Before I got into marketing I used to be an accountant. I know it is a rather massive change in career paths, but I needed to make the change because I wasn’t passionate about accounting at all let alone becoming a Charted Accountant. It really isn’t me.

At the moment I work at World Wide Creative which is really awesome but I have worked at other agency such as Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize (previously just Synergize) as well as a smaller agency called Maven.

Have a Look at my LinkedIn Profile for more on my career history.

The Personal Side of Gus

Apart from the stuff I do called work I am a bit of creative in the form of doing photography and writing poetry.

For my Poetry have a look here
For my photography have a look here

Now that this side is done, I am a proud father to this little man. The joy of my life. Dam he makes me happy.

Well now you know who I am. Have a look at my content and passions here