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I don’t know if you remember those moments in your childhood where you believed that you would change the world, that you would be the next Batman or Superman and change the world. Save it from itself. At that moment we wanted super powers and we ran around jumping off rocks and logs with a vision that we could. Fast forward to the adult years and we find ourselves lost in the horrid tortures of adulting.

I used to be one of those crazy little kids with dreams so big the world couldn’t contain it. I fell into accounting. I got consumed but the proverbial adulting. Luckily I was rescued by the alter ego called digital. It was the super hero suit that I needed to pursue my childhood dreams of changing the world. To join the modern real world of Avengers and make a difference.

I have to examples that I want to feature on their own as they have done something way above the rest in terms of innovating for changing lives in a really positive manner. Later on I will touch on a brand that is trying to give people more to do what they live easily.

Hero 1

One of the biggest problems we face is judgement based on several physical appearances. It’s become a crippling concern and Ad Council created probably one of my favorite campaigns ever and it was a really simple use of technology and digital. The campaign was called Love has no Labels. Here is the video:

This for me hit home so much and shows that there are heroes out there who are determined to change the world through a clever use of technology.

Hero 2

The second campaign I really loved was the Coca-Cola campaign which had a sole focus of bringing two different countries together through one of their vending machines. The idea was a simple one, two vending machines with screens, two cameras and an internet connection placed in a mall in each country.

The emotional experience and content that was created is large. I mean I am still talking about it almost 4 years later. It just took a great idea with planned execution and some digital elements. Check it out below:

Pretty good right?

Whats the point?

The point, ultimately, is that both Coca-Cola and the Ad Council saw a problem in the world. They realized that we stuck with labels, anger and sadness and they wanted to change that. Through a simple idea and a clever use of technology they started chipping away at the issues that we are all facing.

Watching companies such as these make me realize how much we can do change lives in marketing & innovation, but also how we can use these powers to change the lives of the many and create a loyalty base because we are changing the world.

How does this apply?

So it has taken a while but as digital becomes more and more dominant, companies need to find innovative technology solutions to tell their story but also to interact with humans on a human level Brands like Coca-Cola, the Ad Council, Nike and the like have committed to going into the a innovations space to start telling better stories to create a more loyal customer base.

To expand on that, Nike has created a series of apps that track your activities and give a you a personal trainer get you training harder than ever. Have a look here at what Nike is doing in more detail:

These are very different examples of how brands are taking on the new world of digital to tell a story that matters to their consumer base. To change their lives through clever yet simple tactics that, ultimately, give them super powers above their competitors. They are chasing their child hood dreams of being super heroes.

What are your thoughts?


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