I am not a success

I may be not be a success right now but I will be. I won’t give up until i reach the level of success that I deem worthy. Keep working and never give up until you reach your level of accomplishment. Never settle for anything less!

(Video) Be a Swordsmith

We need to be like Swordsmiths and work at our skills. Shape and them and make sharper than anything else on earth. We need to make that fire super hot so that we can hammer away at out our skills without ever giving up. Never ever ever ever give up on your skills. Song: Voicians – Seconds [NCS Release] Music …

The first Thoughtful Tuesday its about failure

In the first thoughtful Tuesday segment of my vlog I speak about failure and how we cannot let our fear of failing cripple us or force us to not actually chase our dreams and ambitions. Never ever let the potential failure prevent you from following your dreams

A Day with family

We spent the day with my folks out on their farm which was rather nice. Short but nice.

Such a windy day

It was just a typical too windy day in Cape Town where we couldn’t do anything!!

I want a Drone

I really really want to buy a drone. Well which person today does not want a drone? yeah, well that is part of the challenge for the vlog. I have to make a video every single day for the rest of the year in order to get a drone. Its a massive massive challenge like never before. Check out of …

Who Am I?

Its taken a really long time but I still don’t know who I am and the passions that I have. Another reason I started doing this whole Vlogging thing. To see what I was capable of doing.

Why I want to Vlog

In This video I explain why I want to vlog and the main reason I decided to take up the daily Vlog. Its been really challenging.

My First Official Vlog Entry – YAY

So I finally managed to get to putting a real Vlog together hence the name. I enjoyed doing this and obviously a great start haha. I just need to spend more time on the editing side and trying to stick to it. The challenge is obviously to learn and get the right equipment for it. I hope you liked this. …