Let Me Explain The Silence

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been all that active with my photography on Instagram or my motivational posts on my other account there either. Well I have to be honest, to a large degree it’s because I haven’t really felt the inspiration or drive to actually do much.

I think in part it may have to do with the fact that I killed my vlog. It may seem trivial but the vlog did two things, it drove me every single day to create content and I was constantly proud when I was able to get something up daily. I was also learning all the time. read more

The Bearded Journey – Tales of my beard

Last year I embarked on this journey. A Journey that I was really dying to take on but just didn’t have the patience or determination to stick it out. But I eventually plucked up the courage and I took a leap down a path I didn’t know at all.

I grew a beard.

Most of you probably only know with me a beard and a pretty serious one at that and if I do say so myself, it really suited me. Well, in my case I suited the beard. It became this big thing on my face. Most found it intimidating and I become this intimidating person. read more

The Golden Age Of Photography

I have a dream. A dream to become a photographer. A person who captures moments, tells stories beyond just the photo. That would be the dream that I have set my eyes, my should and my hopes on.

I realized that it is now more possible that I realized. But this article isn’t about my dreams of becoming a world class photographer but more about how the world is a photographer. Each and every day I see this more and more.

Below is photo that I took on Monday using my phone. Yes I took that photo with my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + and I like how it came it out. It was a beautiful scenery out at Eden on The bay and the colors were simply mind blowing. read more

My New Challenge

For some reason I am in need of a constant challenge. if you are following on the copious amounts of digital platforms that I find myself on you would know that I have several challenges running at the moment.

Lets recap those challenges:

– I have to create a video every single day for the rest of the year minimum and then I can get a drone. I am yet to miss a day. Had a few close calls but haven’t lost that yet
– I have read 10 books by the end of July 2017. This is purely because I had lost my reading ability and its not cool
– I have to create motivational content every single day to see what I can achieve. read more

The Challenge of Discipline

This year I set myself on a crash course with a variety of challenges that would put me out of my comfort zone. This was primarily to help me find myself or better yet create myself because I wasn’t sure of who I was.

The two main challenges that I have jumped into are very visual. I have started getting back into photography on full time basis. I also started filming through my vlog (I hope you have subscribed to it).

These have both had a significant impact in that I have stuck to it but I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of learning and pushing and doing things with a goal in mind. read more

The 80/20 Rule I live by!

Life is hard. It’s not the bed of roses that we thought it would be as kids.

At times you think that the entire world is against pushing you down. People will hate on you. People will tell you not to go for it.

Trying to convince you that because you may fail that you will. That it’s not a good idea.

This is life. You are human. Like the rest of us.
But you are no afraid to fail, you’re determined to push through it all. You are pumped ever single day when you wake. Yeah let’s own this. read more

Make the change

Making change is really hard to do. You’re mind and body go through so many emotions and thoughts all at once. It’s kinda like the weather here in Cape Town.

But, in a lot of circumstances change is vital. It is needed in order for you to progress. Sometimes it just needs to be done so that you can edge that much closer to your dreams and goals. We can’t just stay stagnant when we want to achieve something. It won’t work.

I have been writing several of the style posts lately and I wrote about patience and never listening this week and I feel that they both tie in with this. read more


Today’s Myciti bus ride to Cape Town was a rather interesting one. About half way into the bus ride the door started giving problems and just didn’t want to close.

Of course passengers started to get really annoyed because they thought they were going to be late. Eventually (5 minutes later) the frustrated passengers got off the bus.

The doors then worked and closed on them. We left them at the station which I am sure frustrated them even more because now they might actually be late.

This whole process took a grand total of 5 minutes and 30 seconds and now they have to wait much longer and their days are probably ruined. read more

Never Listen

I know that title sounds a bit dodged and weird especially considering that as kids we are taught almost force ably so that we always need to listen.

Yeah ok fair enough there may be exceptions but still. You’re a grown up and can your own decisions. Why do you stop to listen to the may sayers or negative people who can’t go out and do it themselves?

I don’t mean to be the horrible selfish self obsessed maniac but at the end of the day I have learnt this hard way. I was stuck in so many stupid situations because I listened to the wrong people. read more

Push through it

The other day I wrote and spoke about failure and how we need to embrace it instead of letting it prevent us from having a life we should have.

Obviously it is a lot easier said than done but that leads to today’s topic. Rewarding.

Some background

I was chatting to Christine last night about failure and I started to realise that failure is always going to be there. It’s inevitable. But that lead to a bigger thought.

Doing anything worthwhile is tough. Being an entrepreneur, vlogger or what ever, sticking to it is tough. There are moments where you fail. Where you just don’t have the energy to do it. read more