My New Job

As most of you would know by either my LinkedIn profile or YouTube channel that I have started a new job. As I mentioned here on Sunday, I was pretty nervous. Most people are on their first days because it is a new company with new ways of doing things and you aren’t settled in like you were previously.

How has it been?

Well, it’s been a mixture of scary, exciting and everything else in between. That said I think it was one of the best choices I have ever made. The company is, thus far, amazing. The people that work there made me feel at home already and some of welcomings I got was beyond exciting. read more

A Slight Nervousness 

Tomorrow I start my new job and to be honest I am rather nervous. It’s something that I have been looking forward to for the last 2 months and it is finally here. But I am scared.

Why scared?

Well, the simplest way to explain it is to compare the feeling to school. Remember when you were in primary school and made it to grade 7? You were the boss of the playground. Yes you had to teachers who were the boss (management) but you were comfortable.

You worked yourself to top level of the playground, had a close knit group of friends and you got with the other people and the teachers. It has bliss. But you were excited about high school and the adventures that it would bring you. I know I was excited. read more