(Opinion) Will Your Personal Data Become Currency?

I recently read an article about a marketing stunt in London that Kaspersky setup where data was the currency of buying products. I found the article very interesting being the marketing nut that I am.

Beyond just the marketing excitement I like to try and understand where are coming from, where we are now and where that is going to lead us. I believe that Marketing is going to be one of the bigger drivers in this potentially new trend.

Data, personal data, is the currency

Remember when Bitcoin jumped onto the scene? The mining frenzy to get as many coins as humanely possible. Now look at the value of the Bitcoin. How many other crypto currencies are there? read more

Word Count, Does It Matter?

After the last week I have been performing copious amounts of tweaks and adjustments across several sites and I noticed something that spark my interest. The famous word count suggestion by Yoast’s little WordPress Plugin. It noted that my content had fewer than the recommended 300 words which is not ideal.

This got me really pondering the word count suggestion or recommendation because there are so many suggestions and sweet spots that we are supposed to hit to get the best possible results. This ranges from 300 words all the way to 3000 words. I mean that is a massive window that makes me wonder how true it is. read more

Digital & Innovation The Modern Super Hero

I don’t know if you remember those moments in your childhood where you believed that you would change the world, that you would be the next Batman or Superman and change the world. Save it from itself. At that moment we wanted super powers and we ran around jumping off rocks and logs with a vision that we could. Fast forward to the adult years and we find ourselves lost in the horrid tortures of adulting.

I used to be one of those crazy little kids with dreams so big the world couldn’t contain it. I fell into accounting. I got consumed but the proverbial adulting. Luckily I was rescued by the alter ego called digital. It was the super hero suit that I needed to pursue my childhood dreams of changing the world. To join the modern real world of Avengers and make a difference. read more

Will AMP boost my SEO Efforts

Mobile Page Speed AMP

As an SEO person by heart I am always looking at how I can push my clients further ahead. I search high and low to try and find the best possible tactics to help them. Now, before I continue, I believe that SEO now is all about experiences and not engines.

Right that’s out of the way. Moving back to finding tactics I want to talk about the impact that Accelerated Mobile pages may have on SEO tactics. It is currently becoming the talking of the town.

Will AMP help my SEO?
Can I use it for Better rankings?
Google will love me if I use AMP! read more

I’ve Created A New Website Section

Mobile Page Speed AMP

Over past few days I have found myself neck deep in a new piece of the internet. I thought that seeing as I am so involved in figuring it out and deploy it in every single way humanely possible, that I would share my experiences and thoughts in a new section of my site. This section is dedicated to it and only it.

So Gus what is it?

My new and latest digital obsession is AMP better known as Accelerated Mobile Pages. A part from being my latest obsession it is also Google’s too. As you would have seen in this post about Google forcing it, it is definitely become a major obsession in the online space and I must admit I am super stoked. read more

Link Building – A Brief History

The topic of link building make most modern SEOs cringe with anxiety and pain because of the overwhelming fear that if you build a link you run the risk of getting penalized. Well, that is the stigma behind link building currently. It’s almost a no go even though the “experts” say that link building still matters.

I thought that I would break down the history of link building so that we can see where it has come from and then maybe I will give some suggestions in the next article on how to link build today. Let’s get into it. read more

What SEO Needs to Be!

Over the years that I have been in SEO I have seen so many changes. Both in how people perceive SEO and how SEO is done. To be honest, it has been a whirlwind few years because it is has changed far too often. It is almost where I don’t want to say that I do SEO because of the backlash that comes with.

What SEO isn’t

Remember all those articles that claim that SEO is dead. Search Engine Optimization has been dead, apparently, for the last 5 years and it is still dying according to the mass market and developers and marketers alike. read more

Marketing Buzz Words Are Driving Me Crazy

Who Am I Gus van der Walt

There seems to be this trend of buzz words that appear, disappear and then come around again in marketing. It drives me mad to be honest because it’s wrong.

Millenials, generation z and what ever else

I mean doesn’t it bother my fellow marketers that we are boxing people into groups because of their age or when they started using Smart devices? I’m sure it does and if it doesn’t it’s probably because you don’t have the time or you like the boxing of people.

Ok, let’s be fair, it’s not just the human buzz words but the big data ones or programmatic ones too that drive me mad. It’s like we forgot how to do things and now we just need to come up with something new and shiney to play with in our worlds. read more

My 2017 marketing Predictions

As 2016 draws to an end it’s time to predict what us marketers think needs to be focused on in the new year. I hope it’s 2017 and not 2016 S which could be a bit of a problem hahaha. But let’s have a look at what I think will be the thinks that matter for the new year. 

Traditionally nothing changes

Exactly has the heading states in terms of the traditional need for marketing services such as SEO nothing is going to change. Companies will still utilise the tools or channels like they have being doing for some time which is great.  read more

I am so bored of SEO. Here’s why

Marketing Articles

Back in the day I used to be crazy about SEO. It grabbed me and challenged me to know end. I remember when I first started in the game a few years back. It was awesome to learn all the tricks of the trade reading through SEOMoz and hubspot etc. But things have changed.

At my first marketing job I was so passionate to become a great SEO guy. I built my own site or blog on a silly URL called Gdesigns.co.za. I was a newb. I didn’t know about domain names and the like. Anyways, I was determined to outrank my bosses website and I did what ever it took to do that. But fast forward a few years later and I am bored of SEO. read more