My new challenges (again)

Remember that article that I wrote some time back about the dire need for challenges? Well I’m back with a new challenge, well challenges. You see I need to have some form challenges in my life but more importantly I need to escape the crazy work world and dive into a world of something different.

Challenge 1:

The first challenge is to read a book in a day. 1 book in a day. Yeah it seems rough but I recently did that. I read this book in a day. And I was stoked that I did it. Ok luckily it was really good book. read more

[Video] 4 Jan 2017 Always Share Your Knowledge!

Welcome to another addition of my daily adventures segment. I’ve tried to change it up a little to make it easier for everyone to consume.

This one is done in the video format and uploaded to Youtube.

Here it is:

So in short, we need to invest in those around us and build them up to be successful. There was a famous quote or video that had this quote in it:

If you are not helping others then you are not living.

I couldn’t agree more with and it is super important for us to share our knowledge. read more

Monday 19 December 2016

Today was probably the most useless Monday of this entire year. It was spent wasting time in situations that I didn’t need to be apart of. But I suppose at the end of the day, like now, I did need to be a part of it. It’s about the team.

Yes the epic contradiction comes out. But, in my defense, I mean that I needed to be apart of the above said situation purely to learn what my colleagues and others are going through on a daily basis as well as with their work. I thought my side was rough and completely out of wack due to the curse that was 2016. read more

Sunday 18 December 2016

Sunday started off really nicely. A lovely breakfast at Eden on the Bay which was exactly what I needed after the weekend. Things then progressed to Christmas shopping at Century City.

Well ya, the mall was packed as expected which again was my own fault for practically leaving it the t last moments before Christmas. But don’t we seem to do that? Procrastinate.

We still have time 2 months before. There is no reason to stress. A month later we still believe that we have time. 3 weeks still no shopping done. read more

Saturday 17 December 2016

So I missed my post for yesterday but there wasn’t much to really say. I know ironic right. The guy who can talk the Hind leg off of a donkey had nothing to say. Well to be honest, I spent the day with my family. Regrouping and taking the time to listen and be with them. I think it was needed to be honest.

Any ways back to today. It was beautiful. Went to my fiancé’s cousins wedding and it was lovely.

Set in the beautiful Cavali estate out in stellenbosch, it was set to be a magnificent day. We got all dressed up and ready for night out if celebrations and excitement. read more

Thursday 15 December 2016

Most of us in South Africa are starting to wind down and close up for the year. Lucky you guys. I decided that I needed to stay until the end of the working year for what reason I don’t know but hey let’s see what the last two or so days have in store. Any ways getting back to today which was interesting for me.

Obviously we are in go slow mode but again there was a valuable lesson that was lesson much like yesterday. We had a meeting with management. The meeting was all of 15 minutes but the impact was massive. read more

Wednesday 14 December 2016

Today started off as a great day. One that I thought would top off this dreadful 2016. I mean I have not heard of anyone who has had a great one. But back to today. I was complimented and told all sorts of wonderfully amazing things that got me all excited.

I thought I was about to get to third base but, I didn’t even make it to second base. There were two many other factors that would have just gotten really complicated if we had gone to third base. But I get it. I mean I can’t go crying in the corner. read more