The Bearded Journey – Tales of my beard

Last year I embarked on this journey. A Journey that I was really dying to take on but just didn’t have the patience or determination to stick it out. But I eventually plucked up the courage and I took a leap down a path I didn’t know at all.

I grew a beard.

Most of you probably only know with me a beard and a pretty serious one at that and if I do say so myself, it really suited me. Well, in my case I suited the beard. It became this big thing on my face. Most found it intimidating and I become this intimidating person.

I kind of liked the look of intimidation and the fact that I could go anywhere and people wouldn’t ask for my ID. It was amazing. I loved it so much but, yes there is always a but, there is a lot that people don’t tell you about the beard and I must share my experience with you all.

The experience

Once you get past the shadowed phases and your confidence is up and you start to think I can do this, the itch kicks in. It is a serious irritation to the skin and most people don’t make it past this stage because it something that you have never felt before. It is caused by the hair breaking through and getting to some length apparently.

Some people are lucky and never have this but then, like me, most end up with this dam awful itch that leaves you ripping your face off. Let me warn you, this itch is nothing.

Once you get past this annoyance, the rest of the growing is pretty pleasant. As time passes you become proud of this little child that is getting bigger and bigger. It starts to look really good. You start to settle into this beard and boy, you’ve just become a man. You are part of the world group of epic beard growers. The life.

BUT! Yes its back. The irritating itchiness that is far worse than anything else. Largely caused by a few facial hairs tickling your skin. Friends, this is annoying but it has nothing on the food and sauces that get stuck to your beard. It is frustrating.

Then you have to clean this monster. I had oils and tonics and brushes and would clean my beard and groom it on a regular basis. I even had a barber that would keep it at styled length and I tried, I really tried to keep it going but this monster just took it out of me.

Scratching, wiping, crying, ripping, tickling, annoying the living shit out of my face I pulled out the cutters and peeled this thing off of my face and now this is me:


Do I regret shaving? Oh hell no. People actually approach me. They smile and the compliments I get are amazing. Yes I have a shadow and Ill keep that. Its pleasant and looks good. The side affect, I may need to carry my ID doc again for some weird reason.

I just wanted to share my experience of the beard growth and the tortures that came along with it. Just so that the truth is out there. Some may have a blast with it and like me, most will not. I may go a third round at some point. For now I shall keep it like this.

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