A Slight Nervousness 

Tomorrow I start my new job and to be honest I am rather nervous. It’s something that I have been looking forward to for the last 2 months and it is finally here. But I am scared.

Why scared?

Well, the simplest way to explain it is to compare the feeling to school. Remember when you were in primary school and made it to grade 7? You were the boss of the playground. Yes you had to teachers who were the boss (management) but you were comfortable.

You worked yourself to top level of the playground, had a close knit group of friends and you got with the other people and the teachers. It has bliss. But you were excited about high school and the adventures that it would bring you. I know I was excited.

So the first day of high school is around the corner and those nerves creep in and you wonder will they like me? Will I make it? Am I actually cool enough? But something bigger sets in and takes over and this is what I feel now.

You are no longer the big fish in the pond. You’re the little fish. The newbie on the playground and now you have to prove yourself. The challenge so big but so is the work. It’s no longer the easy world of primary school that you aced it’s high school and it is hard.

That is exactly how I feel at the moment lying in bed waiting for tomorrow wondering if I am actually going to be cool enough or sharp enough for the team.

But I am also super excited for the new adventure and new friendship. I know I’ll give it my all and do what ever is required to make it work.

I just thought I’d share that all with you. So that you would know how I feel haha. I’ll keep you updated as to how it goes.

Maybe I should have a story section on the site. The days of our marketers lives? Yeah could be cool. Maybe.

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