Saturday 17 December 2016

So I missed my post for yesterday but there wasn’t much to really say. I know ironic right. The guy who can talk the Hind leg off of a donkey had nothing to say. Well to be honest, I spent the day with my family. Regrouping and taking the time to listen and be with them. I think it was needed to be honest.

Any ways back to today. It was beautiful. Went to my fianc√©’s cousins wedding and it was lovely.

Set in the beautiful Cavali estate out in stellenbosch, it was set to be a magnificent day. We got all dressed up and ready for night out if celebrations and excitement.

I mean it’s Cavali and family what more could you ask for especially when the sun is shining like it did. But it didn’t meet expectations. Yes the venue was stunning and the bride and groom were stunning. But it was just not the wedding we expected.

The point though, no matter how much money you have or you where you decide to celebrate anything there needs to be no expectations or assumptions. It generally disappoints you because it’s difficult to fullfil what you have in your head.

The other aspect is that it is hardly ever in your control. We are so hungry for self satisfaction that we forget to live a little or actually enjoy the life we have. We chase the false hopes of a better life instead of living the current one and enhancing it.

No, it’s not the same. People who chase a better life lose sight of who they are. They become different because of the life they now lead and you aren’t included simple because you are a reminder of the old life.

So, live each day without expectations or assumptions. Don’t go overboard and forget who you are or lose sight of the people who really matter. You have this life which was given to you. Don’t waste it on things that ultimately don’t matter.

I know this is a bit of downer daily post considering I went to the wedding but I had time to think and sit watching the stars while the Playlist Administrator kept the wrong songs coming. All in all it was a good day. Hope yours was too.

Remember who you are. Never change that.

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