Welcome to my little piece of the Internet!

I am an all round digital lover with a focus in digital marketing and YouTube. I love to create content through my blog and now a YouTube channel that I post to daily. 

Hello and welcome

Welcome to my little piece of the internet where I come to write articles that I aim to entertain and excite you. The main purpose behind this blog/site is to share my thoughts and ideas with the world in a way I find suitable.

The other aim is to learn from you and the entire interwebs as too what I should and shouldn’t be doing online. Think of it as a two way communication platform. Feel free to comment, contact and well just be a part of my online journey.

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About Gus Van der Walt

I am father to a beautiful little boy. I dabble in photography and creating video content in the form of my YouTube vlog. I consider myself a bit of a poet and free thinker of sorts. Have a look at this to see some my creative writings.

I am Digital Marketer based in Cape Town, although I like to think of myself as a strategist in a digital world. I have experience in SEO, CRO, Data Collection and mining. I have worked on integrated campaigns for major clients such as Imperial Select, Avbuyer, Property 24, Zoom Footwear, MotorHappy and many more.