Here I am…

A marketer and writer

hello there

I am a Cape Town based father, writer and all round marketer. I have a passion for words and affecting change. This site is about my experiences. 




photos I’ve taken

As much as I love expressing my feelings through words, I love to capture moments through photography. Have a look at these below. Scroll down a bit more and you will find some more of my photos. 


poetry is my escape

I love seeing words fall into place to form an expression of a moment or place in time. It became my escape but also a way to describe emotions and what I saw. Have a read by clicking below.

My content

An Empty Page

How am I Supposed to Tell you my Thoughts When you Erase my words? How can I express My emotions While you use Tipex so freely I can’t write These words They’re vanishing My thoughts Erasing [...]

Lies You Sold

Standing before you Holding your face In my hands I gaze into your Eyes I find your Lies I see the betrayals You sold To derail my Soul Now as I stand Before you I want to Push your Head down As [...]

Dealing With Rejections

Facing rejection is often a really difficult pill to swallow. I don’t think that I have ever gotten used to that one but, unfortunately, it’s one that probably won’t go away until I find that [...]

Who am I?

As part of the rebrand, I know its been some time since my last update, I was trying to discover exactly who I was. The question kept coming up over and over. Who is Gus? Who is Gus? Who am I? It [...]

Tears Falling

sitting in the darkened misery of choice tears begin to fall like the rain slowly at first as the pain rises to the surface her tears fall harder her whines fill the cold air lonely in the dark [...]

Waves & Love

lost in the waves tumbling crashing sinking drowning life turning inside out the deeper i swim i can’t hold on i can’t breathe taken under again help me please let me go i can’t handle the [...]

Broken Glass

i feel broken hurting as i fall into the rose bushes of a failed love i want to hide hide away my heart and build my walls but i long to be loved i long to love for i want share my heart my soul [...]

I Long

i long for your touch for your embrace i long to feel your skin your lips I long to show you my love i long to show my soul i long for you i long to see you smile when you wake i long to kiss you [...]