Here I am…

A marketer and writer

hello there

I am a Cape Town based father, writer and all round marketer. I have a passion for words and affecting change. This site is about my experiences. 




photos I’ve taken

As much as I love expressing my feelings through words, I love to capture moments through photography. Have a look at these below. Scroll down a bit more and you will find some more of my photos. 


poetry is my escape

I love seeing words fall into place to form an expression of a moment or place in time. It became my escape but also a way to describe emotions and what I saw. Have a read by clicking below.

My content

An Empty Page

How am I Supposed to Tell you my Thoughts When you Erase my words? How can I express My emotions While you use Tipex so freely I can’t write These words They’re vanishing My thoughts Erasing [...]

Lies You Sold

Standing before you Holding your face In my hands I gaze into your Eyes I find your Lies I see the betrayals You sold To derail my Soul Now as I stand Before you I want to Push your Head down As [...]

Dealing With Rejections

Facing rejection is often a really difficult pill to swallow. I don’t think that I have ever gotten used to that one but, unfortunately, it’s one that probably won’t go away until I find that [...]

Who am I?

As part of the rebrand, I know its been some time since my last update, I was trying to discover exactly who I was. The question kept coming up over and over. Who is Gus? Who is Gus? Who am I? It [...]