(Opinion) Will Your Personal Data Become Currency?

I recently read an article about a marketing stunt in London that Kaspersky setup where data was the currency of buying products. I found the article very interesting being the marketing nut that I am.

Beyond just the marketing excitement I like to try and understand where are coming from, where we are now and where that is going to lead us. I believe that Marketing is going to be one of the bigger drivers in this potentially new trend.

Data, personal data, is the currency

Remember when Bitcoin jumped onto the scene? The mining frenzy to get as many coins as humanely possible. Now look at the value of the Bitcoin. How many other crypto currencies are there? read more

Word Count, Does It Matter?

After the last week I have been performing copious amounts of tweaks and adjustments across several sites and I noticed something that spark my interest. The famous word count suggestion by Yoast’s little WordPress Plugin. It noted that my content had fewer than the recommended 300 words which is not ideal.

This got me really pondering the word count suggestion or recommendation because there are so many suggestions and sweet spots that we are supposed to hit to get the best possible results. This ranges from 300 words all the way to 3000 words. I mean that is a massive window that makes me wonder how true it is. read more

Digital & Innovation The Modern Super Hero

I don’t know if you remember those moments in your childhood where you believed that you would change the world, that you would be the next Batman or Superman and change the world. Save it from itself. At that moment we wanted super powers and we ran around jumping off rocks and logs with a vision that we could. Fast forward to the adult years and we find ourselves lost in the horrid tortures of adulting.

I used to be one of those crazy little kids with dreams so big the world couldn’t contain it. I fell into accounting. I got consumed but the proverbial adulting. Luckily I was rescued by the alter ego called digital. It was the super hero suit that I needed to pursue my childhood dreams of changing the world. To join the modern real world of Avengers and make a difference. read more


Sitting here
Lost in the chaos
Of reality
The tortures
Of lies yet
I struggle on
Fighting the fight
Never quiting
Sitting here by you
I feel the lies
I smell the deceit
Yet I sit here
Hoping it wasn’t
A lie
That is was reality
But am I deceiving myself
With your games?
Should I run
What to do
For the lying walls
Are starting to crumble
The turmoil
Becoming peace
The further I get
Its time to run
Further away from
The turmoil
It’s time to break away


Alone in the Dark

Sitting alone in the dark i stretch out searching for you yet you are not here I long for you I long to touch you to feel you in my arms racing through this day i wait I wait to see you again my thoughts fall upon you constantly  wondering about you sitting in silence sitting alone i miss you  waiting for that moment to share my day with you I miss your smile I miss your presence It won’t be much longer but know I am here waiting  desperately waiting  for your return  I will always be here waiting  holding out for you take my hand and let  hold you  protect you I want to see you  smile again that beautiful smile that lights me up  Sitting alone in dark  I feel your light I feel 


The Cat

Running through the Forrest Faster Up and over Birds chirping Crickets creaking Branches falling Leaves crackling Under her soft feet As she picks up the pace Through the green Forrest Running faster Stopping suddenly Crawling now Slowing Her heart pacing Lower she goes Closer Slowly Slowly closer Her eyes widening As she stalks closer Getting ready Almost now Stopping Pausing Her backs legs Ready to fire Waiting for her pray To get a bit closer Pouncing out To attack her victim To attack her ball Playing with her Ball as it jingles in her Paws the cat now Happy Her world complete


Chasing Dreams

Chasing hunting Searching high Crawling low  Breaking a sweat  Falling a part  Crying in pain Ready to give in to give up Just take a step  One  Two  Three But never give up Slow your mind Focus  Think a little Follow your gut Ignore the hate  Ignore the pessimist  Remind yourself  Start again Pick up again Fail please  But never give up  No matter what Chasing hunting  Search high Crawling low Hustling hard Chasing dreams  Your dreams  Always chase Never quit For these dreams  You chase  Belong to you  Become you  Never surrender  to them  For tis not their dreams Chase your dreams  No matter what.



Putting in the time
The effort
For nothing
But lies
A simple lie
That rips
A simple lie
A simple lie
With the power to ruin
To devastate the strong
Without effort
It takes one
One simple lie
One simple betray
To ruin it all
To wreck the castle
Of hope
Of thoughts
Of ambitions
the power of the lie
The betrayal of trust
The pain is real
Sting the touch
Now the effort
Is hate
Yet there you sit
Colouring in
Your Deceit
Your betrayal
Yet I feel it all
The pain
The disaster
For now the hope
Effort is gone
While you sit blind
Scratching at the lies
Trying to retract
Trying to bury
Them in your
In your lines of
I’m done read more


All I see is
What you allow
Me too see
For you hide
Behind the lies
False perceptions
Of painted images
And fake facades
Aimed at broadcasting
Your propaganda
I want to see more
Beyond these lies
Beyond this hatred
Yet my mind
Is scorched
Tortured into believing
Your lies
I hunt
I search
For more
For the truth behind
Your lies
It’s just other lies
Their lies
Where has the
Truth gone
Imprisoned by
Power and greed
Has history
Taught us nothing
Hiding the truth
Leads to war
Deceiving us
Will only break you
All I see
Is all im allowed
To see
Even though you claim
I am free
I am not free
But tied down
By your lies
Deciept and betrayal
You claim to be
Fair and honest
Yet you lie openly so
So media and news
I do not trust
Your propaganda
And lies
For what I see
Is the lies you
Speak read more


I’m in a box
My own box
Like everyone else
Because of society
Because of weak minded
Who judge
On colours
On thoughts
On beliefs
Allegedly I’m evil
Because I’m white
Because I believe
Apparently you’re
A criminal because
Your not
How dare they
Judge us
They do not know us
Quit boxing us
We are human
Not a colour
Or a belief system
Or a culture
Quit judging
Start learning
I want out of
This box
It’s not mine
I am free
I am me
Join me
Fight against
These fools
Who judge us
Cripple us
Force us into
That shouldn’t exist
I am not a white
You are not a black
Not coloured
We are humans
With a heart
With beauty
Get out of your box
Be free with
Me read more